Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What about dress?
A. All dress is casual.      

Q. What airport do I fly into?        
A. The closest airport is Ronald Reagan. It is about a 10 minute cab ride from the Hyatt Centric. The other alternative is Washington Dulles International which is about a 25 minute cab ride from the hotel. Everyone is responsible for getting to and from Washington on their own.      

Q. How much free time will we have?        
A. Saturday afternoon from 1 until 5:30 will be free time on the Washington Mall or whatever you wish to do. By that time, you will know your way around.      

Q. How will we get around town?      
A. On a private motorcoach with a professional driver.      

Q. Will there be much walking?      
A. Some, but we make lots of stops during the day.      

Q. Why is Stephen McDowell with us?      
A. Stephen is president of the Providence Foundation. Much like David Barton or Peter Marshall, Stephen is a historian and expert of the Founding Fathers, early American history and our Christian heritage. He is with us to give us "the rest of the story" at all the places we will visit. You will have time to visit with Stephen one on one and ask him questions during the three days.      

Q. How much is the deposit?      
A. $200 a person        

Q. How soon should I send my deposit in?      
A. Soon as you decide you want to go. The tours generally fill up 3 months in advance.        

Q. What about children?      
A. Children are welcome. However, there is no price break because they take up a seat on the bus, eat meals, etc.